Why don’t people don’t love Bitcoin?

After a few months of bombing, we finally got money and made podcasts on “Freakonomica Radio” with Bitcoin. The factor is called “why people who do not think bitcoin, love him. ” Basically – think about Bitcoin as a digital currency is like thinking about the internet as email. Possibility of Bitcoin is much larger and more interesting.


Bitcoin is sometimes described as “virtual gold” and all the Ponzi system as shelter for people to buy products from the black market. But what animation some people, as Elder Silicon Valley Marc Andreessen, is that Bitcoin is likely to be submitted to some events, more than just exchange currencies.


Andreessen founded Netscape especially and is now on business organizations like Facebook and eBay. It is not interested in observer in Bitcoin discussion: capitalist adventure andreessen Horowitz has invested about $ 50 million in two companies related to bitcoin, such as coinbase and Andreessen says the company intends to invest much more so that bitcoins can become easier to make important.



The award-winning economist Stanford in Susan Athiey University, which has a backdrop of information technology, is also an important partisan technology that supports Bitcoin. For athey, managers Bitcoin has to do with its simplicity: “The beauty of the new currency, which is part of the virtual currency protocol, is that what I spend from me to you is to access a large public book safe. So I do not have Worried about a bank that gave me it, then give it as I and give to another bank. Make the transaction on the virtual currency, it is just entry into the big book. So I don’t need an intermediary. ”


Of course, this is a disadvantage of the simplicity of the business that Bitcoin provides. The New York Financial Inspector Benjamin Lawsky, who runs the prosecution to manage digital coins in the United States, says Dubner that he cares about Bitcoin’s freedom for criminals: very easy to do now with Bitcoin. ”


Lawsky is encouraged by potential technology such as Bitcoin that can remove all kinds of business charges. This can be bad news for local banks, credit card companies and other payment requests. As the sacrifice enter, many others of it enjoy: “Immediately thousands and thousands of New Yorkers are working every day to return the money home in any country. ” And now they pay wireless business a week. And there is a lot of money for people who can’t often afford it. ”


Bitcoin certainly has his enemies. A group of leading economists, such as the winner of Nobel Robert Shiller and Paul Krugman and former bankers of the Central Bank Alan Greenspan, expressed concern about the astronomical climbing digital currency. Shiller called the virtual currency “great for bubbles, for example”.


But Andressen argues that everyone is missing a lot: “For a minute appeared the word” The currency “, all economists are alert, because if one, economists are all experts in this currency. And they look at him and say,” Oh, God My people pay $ 600 for this, it’s just a piece of digital counterfeiting. People have just lost their heads. “I don’t think they look at the causes. “

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